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Doyle Holmes is resourceful, team-oriented, a business owner and community leader with a strong background in management and finance. He also has a background in state and federal programs in small rural communities.

Doyle’s Strengths include:

  • Communicating and Listening
  • Managing and Supervising
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  • Documenting and Reporting
  • Budgeting and Scheduling
  • Planning and Organizing

Crime is the number one issue people and candidates are talking about. People are afraid and concerned about the recent crime wave and want something done about SB 91. The buzz words from candidates is repeal SB 91, however no one except me have came up with a plan to replace it. If we simply repeal it then nothing will be on the books and the present replacement process we all know will take months or years.

My first bill would be to repeal SB 91 immediately and replace it with what we had on the books before. It was working and is already in writing, then we would have time to make changes. We can not afford a 6 month or year legislative process letting the revolving door for career criminals remain open. SB 91 is simply a failed social experiment implemented to save money.

My second bill would be to increase the number of troopers, but with a different twist. We do not need more highway patrol. My plan would be to establish local Criminal Investigation Divisions within the troopers with the mission of identifying career criminals, getting them out of our neighbors and in jail. They would not be allowed to write traffic tickets and would spend their time providing continuity to the investigative process.

Now when a property crime is reported, no one comes or a long delay occurs. The initial highway patrol officer who responds may not be the same one who follows up, or is not aware of the many crimes occurring in the neighborhood. Many people know or suspect who the criminals are in their neighborhood, but have no central place to call without fear of being identified. Suspicious vehicles, activity, and repetitive crimes tracked by permanent trained investigative staff will eventually produce results.

I am a 41 year Willow resident and business owner running for the House of Representative for District 10.
Doyle Holmes candidate. 907-373-8527