Doyle Holmes for Assembly of the Matanuska Borough
“Where Your Vote Is Important!”


      A Message From Doyle Holmes For Assembly

We are lucky to live the Alaskan lifestyle in such beautiful surroundings.

Will your children and grandchildren be allowed to do the same?

We built this valley one family at a time without the Borough telling us how to do it! Now groups, such as the Friends Of Mat-Su, have turned our service-oriented borough into a regulatory enforcer. It is time to revisit this approach and make the Borough once again a constructive service partner rather than a policing organization.

The Borough is totally out of touch with what is going on in the upper valley. We need Doyle Holmes back on the Assembly. His 10 years experience on the Assembly prior to 2000 and his 3 years as Deputy Mayor will serve us well. He prides himself on being accessible and his 32 years in the district has given him a deep understanding of our lifestyles. He will change the Assembly’s attitude towards us! ~Kelly Lankford Ledere – former District 7 Assembly person

Holmes served our country for 21 years in the Navy and is a Vietnam Vet with medals of commendation.

The October 6th election is important to the valley’s seniors and veterans.

While entitled to the property tax exemption, there is no such exemption for seniors and veterans in the sales tax proposal on this ballot. Many live on limited budgets and this new tax will hurt them more than others. At some point in a person’s like, their life-long service to society needs to be recognized and their tax burden reduced.

Doyle Holmes does not support a sales tax.

Doyle Holmes by the Numbers:

  • 10 years on the Mat-Su Borough Assembly
  • 3 years, deputy Mayor
  • Led a $135 million bond effort to build Meadow Lakes Elementary, Teeland Elementary, Larson Middle School and Talkeentna Elementary
  • 38 year owner of Willow True Value Hardware
  • 21 years, US Nave, Decorated Vietnam Vet
  • Lifetime member, NRA
  • Lifetime member, Alaska Outdoor Council
  • Life member, VFW




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Mann Court Case


It all adds up. Holmes is the only proven conservative in the race with the experience and ability to make real change in the Valley.

VOTE Doyle Holmes on October 6th